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Protection through healthy living

We advise solely on Vitality products, with the onus on helping clients understand Vitaility’s proposal and help them engage with the healthy living proposition.

Services That Fit Your Needs

We provide specialist Vitality advice for both your personal and business needs


Tailored advice for every individual


Advice that suits your business needs

Meet The Team

Our specialist advisors are on hand to walk you through the Vitality process.

Mathew Wooderson​

"Woody" is founder of Wooderson Financial and has worked in the financial sector for over 10 years.​

Sally Stephens

Sally is our Senior Adviser, and has worked as a financial and insurance adviser for over 10 years.​

Tom Stephens

Tom has worked at Wooderson Financial for over 4 years, previously working for a number of local businesses in and around Sudbury.

Chris Vernon

Chris has only just joined the team; he has been an adviser for 3 years and is based in Kent.

James Cockle

After leaving a successful professional rugby playing career in 2004 James entered the world of finance. He finds advising clients and protecting their futures particularly rewarding.

Tanya Ellis

Tanya handles our accounts, and ensures that everything runs smoothly.